FFT: Garden

an urban ecosystem

High density living, low density recreation

What does the future of urban green space look like?

2 of 3 millennials don't feel like
they are part of their community.

Building Urban Communities

Food for thought looks into the future of urban living in the U.S. and designing for building strong communities.

FFT: Garden looks at designing communal green spaces in the urban environment.

Garden makes the rooftop a park space.

The Community Green house provides a season
tolerant space for tenants to use communally.

The Grow House is a community garden space where tenants can plant and grow their own plots.

Stepped beds gives seating, seasonal planting, and naturalistic elevation change.

Ramped paths keep all elevations and areas of the garden universally accessible.

The Fire Pit is a communal space that promotes socialization.

The Courtyard uses elevation and green walls to create a more isolated space for private reflection.

Process coming soon

Gian Umemoto | 2020