Shoe: dg

Walking 300ft in the air

Construction is one of the most
lethal jobs in Southeast Asia

Most deaths are from falling off bamboo scaffolding.

Workers climb these structures with
no harness and normal construction boots.

The resulting deaths are called "slip and fall" incidents and are often reported as "deaths by misadventure."

I studied how the foot bent around a cylindrical object of similar size to the bamboo used in scaffolding.

It became clear current footwear could not flex how it needed too.

Testing showed how the shoe needed to bend

I sourced a rubber that was known to keep grip on slick wet surfaces to preform traction tests

Testing gave me a tread pattern that flexed as needed and kept traction.

I developed the upper to give rubber where needed and incorporating a one handed lacing system.

True to foot bending with high friction tread.

One handed lacing and release.

A little more safety.

Check out Flo

Gian Umemoto | 2020