Haven: Pod

The first step

The Haven Project

The Haven Project is a multi strategy look at the opioid crisis in the United States. The Haven:Pod is one strategy developed by myself and Henry Dahlgren.

Homelessness and addiction form an ensnaring cycle.

Drug use and addiction are symptoms of underlying trauma and other issues. Because of this the relationship between homelessness and addiction can be cyclical.

Haven:Pod provides
shelter and rethinks
housing systems.

The Extra Step

Current avenues out of homelessness can be unforgiving and offer limited and less than ideal buffers between being housed and being on the streets with no shelter.

Pods are mobile to account for the challenges
of building permanent locations,

taking advantage of temporary charitable spaces as a dynamic alternative.

Designed for low cost production
and efficient sanitation.

Weather tolerant and designed with passive ventilation.

A space created for
comfort and utility.

Psychologically safe,
practically secure.

To begin we spoke with Cascade Medical.
(A hub clinic on the front lines of the Opioid Crisis)

Through this we identified a need for shelter and alternative housing.


A feasible approach to charitable housing.

Cost effective production, low maintenance up keep, achievable operation strategy.

We mapped out problems.

We outlined users
and needs.

We identified the
best approaches.

We defined dimensions
by comfort and mobility.

I tested it myself.

We identified the most cost
efficient construction methods
and designed for rotomolding.

A little more peace.

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Gian Umemoto | 2020