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Everyday Therapy

I drew from therapeutic strategies to design the interaction of this project, namely distraction therapy and similar task based therapies. The goal of these therapies is to break maladaptive thought patterns, allowing the subject to regain adaptive thought patterns. In the before mentioned therapies this usually is achieved through presenting the subject with an approachable task that requires their concentration.

By transforming the act of turning on the lights when returning home, a simple home object can become a tool for the subconscious and offer more utility just through the act of turning it on. While this seems like a simple trick, distraction therapy has been shown to be so effective it can be applied as a substitute for minor anesthetics in medical operations.

It is important that this is paired with effective means of maintaining an adaptive mental state however; unless maintained distraction therapy will only serve as the "doorway" out of a maladaptive thought pattern. This is where the light becomes essential.

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