Therapeutic Lighting

In 2019 Google preformed a study on how our design affects us subconciously.

This study inspired me to ask what more can design offer.

In 2019 Google preformed a study on design and our subconscious.

This study inspired me to ask what more can design offer.

What if the home could serve our mental health?

What if your lighting could heal.

What if interactions had tertiary function.

Lumin explores creating
intentional mental environments.

Future facing goods for the peaceful home.

Nanometer accurate lighting
creates a calm environment.

Therapy inspired interaction
soothes passively.


45% of adults suffer from a stress related illness
252 million have a diagnosed form of anxiety

With the growing awareness of mental health, these statistics reflect a new desire to address these conditions.

I interviewed doctors and patients.

Patients were most affected at the end of the day when returning home.

The home offered the perfect environment for a solution.


Create a mentally regenerative home environment.

Achieve this through


Breaking maladaptive thought

Promoting adaptive thought


No exclusive tech, accommodates any user.

Breaking maladaptive thought:

Breaking thought patterns that don't allow the healthy processing of stress.

Promoting adaptive thought:

Sustaining a mental state that allows for healthy and balanced reactions .

These goals guided exploration.

I looked at how solutions could be integrated into the home

Furniture, technology, home goods, lighting...

Research presented promise in lighting

I pursued interaction inspired by therapeutic practices

Quantum dots brought new possibilities.

This technology allows for precision in accessible tech, lower energy consumption, and better illumination.

I tested interaction and mechanisms to achieve the desired effect.

a little calmer.

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Gian Umemoto | 2020